DATUM :30.10.2018. - 16.2.2020.
MJESTO :Städel Museum


“Van Gogh is dead, but the van Gogh people are alive. And how alive they are! It’s van Gogheling everywhere”, wrote Ferdinand Avenarius in “Der Kunstwart” in 1910 to describe the fascination Vincent van Gogh’s paintings held for artists in Germany – particularly the younger ones – in the early twentieth century. Despite the key role this country played in the Dutch painter’s posthumous success story, the exhibition “Van Gogh and Germany” to be presented at the Städel Museum from 30 October 2019 to 16 February 2010 will be the first ever to focus on van Gogh’s œuvre in the context of its reception in Germany. Thanks to the dedication of Germany gallery owners, critics and museum directors, less than fifteen years after his death – and thus earlier than in other countries – he was perceived here as one of the most prominent precursors of modern painting.