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The Shipwreck of Mijoka at Zadar

DATUM :3.6.2019. - 5.7.2019.
MJESTO :Zadar, Croatia



The exhibition "The Shipwreck of Mijoka, the awakened secret of the Murterska Sea" will be held in the church of St. Nicholas at the International Center for Underwater Archeology at Božidar Petranović 1 in Zadar. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Museum of the City of Šibenik and the Croatian Restoration Institute. Since the employees of the International Center for Underwater Archeology in Zadar have actively participated in underwater exploration of the site and in conservation and restoration works on archaeological finds from this valuable shipwreck from the beginning of the 17th century, it is pleased and proud to present the results of the completed project after Sibenik and Zadar