Graphic cabinets Exhibition

MJESTO :Schwarzenberský palác Prague


"The Collection of Prints and Drawings of the National Gallery in Prague is among the ten largest and most preeminent graphic collections in Europe. With some 450,000 prints, drawings and illuminated manuscript fragments dating from the Middle Ages to the present, it is the National Gallery’s larges ...

In A New Light Works in the Central Hall

MJESTO :Gallery of Old Masters Berlin


The SMB’s Gemäldegalerie is home to one of the most important collections of European painting from the 13th until the 18th century. In a special display, over 70 works from the study gallery and storerooms have been put on show in the spacious central hall. Many of these works have, until now, neve ...

Vis à vis. Asien trifft Europa

MJESTO :Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin


The Museum of Asian Art has closed its doors in Dahlem at the beginning of January 2017 in order to prepare the Humboldtforum - an opportunity to present a fine selection of its collections within the permanent exhibition of the Kunstgewerbemuseum. In the course of five thematic discourses, the work ...


MJESTO :Städel Museum


“Van Gogh is dead, but the van Gogh people are alive. And how alive they are! It’s van Gogheling everywhere”, wrote Ferdinand Avenarius in “Der Kunstwart” in 1910 to describe the fascination Vincent van Gogh’s paintings held for artists in Germany – particularly the younger ones – in the early twent ...

Bruegel Unseen masterpieces

MJESTO :Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium


Pieter Bruegel’s masterpieces may be known worldwide, but they contain innumerable little details with their own mysteries. Both in situ at the exhibition and online, this project offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in Bruegel’s paintings, exploring them and learning what the experts have disc ...

Animals in Brazil - rediscovered drawings by Frans Post

MJESTO :National Gallery Ireland


In 1636 the artist Frans post (1612-80) travelled to Brazil, then a Dutch colony, under the patronage of Governor Johan Maurits of Nassau. Post spent seven years drawing the exotic flora and fauna of Brazil. This showing of 34 coloured drawings of animals (recently discovered at the Noord-Hollands A ...